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When we are little, we always run here and there ; never wait for anyone, take anything that is near and start playing with it.It may be from sand, glue, and as usual moon and house picture on paper with sketch pens etc. We begin to dirt our hands from our tender age itself.

Now, in age of Technology; kids love to play with Joysticks, PlayStation, Computer , Mobile games, Plug and play kits.

Every time when we see a kid playing with electronic gadgets or cellular phones we raise a concern and question “ Do Kids need so much technology around them?”“Why they need mobile phones now?”“ Why are they wasting time on gadgets?” Not these, many more critical things comes to our mind.

Lets take a second and re-frame the question ,

“What do you want Kids to Do with technology”? “ What happens if Kids start to learn technology as part of subject or hobby”?

To me, question answers these

  1. Take the case of Air pollution, Garbage, Sanitation, temperature alert, measuring tank level, conserving water ; kids start to Invest their time and research on this to RAISE AWARENESS and also start a campaign for betterment of our future.
  2. START DISCUSSIONS : Kids involve in deep conversations with their friends, teachers, parents and experts they know. Healthy discussions around their ideas will pop up.
  3. SEARCH ANSWERS: Once they jotted down their points, they will find answers for their question, “ How could I use technology to solve the problems around me?”
  4. After searching and researching, kids will come up with their Proof of concept or product or start their campaign, hence MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
  5. With technology in their palm , they start to TAKE ACTION and work around it to Solve it.
  6. Enables them to ask questions about everything and anything thereby realize their potential to THINK DIFFERENTLY.
  7. Last but not least they DRIVE CHANGE by using and learning technology.

Personally, my takeaway is teaching kids can be more interesting than the technology.

How am I doing it differently? How I play with children and Arduino?

Simple. Examples and Questions.

Explain via Examples: Make diagram of Arduino and ask them to spot the parts of it instead of explaining about pins and jargon about it. Real life example of “ Human being with Arduino” , my own classic example is “tooth brush, buying a pen , forgot my cycle key”, etc will engross in their subconscious.

Outline Human Skeleton. Name the parts. Label it.

Outline the Arduino Board. Name the parts of Arduino. Label it.

Example :

Input+ Sensor ( Temperature, Water, Air,CO ,Nose, Ear, Hands, Legs,etc) →Computer +Code(Brain) ….> Output(BOOM)

Engage via Curious Questions: Give the Arduino, Sensors and all tools in their hands and ask them questions about it. Let them ask questions. when they start answer, they are learning by doing and answering.

“ Does water overflows from tank?” “How can we segregate dry and wet waste?”, “Can you water your plants automatically whenever it is required?”

Engage them with the kit. Play with the content. Get Creative.

It is your turn to take it next level and keep them engaged & experienced.



Engineer| Straightforward | Fun loving, Foodie | Sudoku solver | Loves Music/ Ocean/ Books ;-)

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Engineer| Straightforward | Fun loving, Foodie | Sudoku solver | Loves Music/ Ocean/ Books ;-)