Life Lessons from A Standup Comedy Show

Life and Music are like union sets of Venn Diagrams(sorry for maths reference here!!), always coexists. We all engross ourselves into the tune of Music every time, good or bad. A mix of Humour, Music is what our Life exists, right?

This article traverses down to memory lane blended with Music, Humor, and takeaways for life from “Alex in Wonderland, Humoursoly Musical show” from these below mentioned LEG-ends(they are the fulcrum of the Music industry) of Tamil Music.

From 1960s to Till now…

M.S. Viswanathan: Doi. Doi… as his music notes and tunes, it teaches “simplicity”.

Life is so simple, use tools we know; tune it accordingly even if it's with same instruments and situations. “Go with the flow, things will fall in place”

Sirkazhi Govindarajan: Unique Voice.

Be unique. “If you can breathe, you can do it”. Use the potential to the best.

Maestro Illayaraja Sir: Every aspect of Mastero’s music is celebrate-able.

We need to bring back our Silence back to our lives in this fast-paced life which is abundant from his music. Pause in his song, is just WOW.

Malaysia Vasudevan: Grab the Opportunity, go by Auto, Walk or bus and change the things to achieve what we desired.

Vidyasagar: Patience. We need to slow down at times and do things in life.

The right gap between “Malarae……..Mounama…..Mounamae…” is what we need in our at times.

S.P.Balasubramaniam: Facets in singing. Emotions at his best. Powerful Hero Intro songs to sad songs, he adds a flavor of his own essence to the song.

Best life lesson, “Every through difficult times, we can laugh” which he does in most of this songs.

Yesudas: “One of a kind/ One Variety”. He is the One-To-Many Function(algebra connect).

The biggest thing, he has not imitated or copied other people’s method of singing. Life will happen.

Kamal Hasan: Be yourself and explore.

A.R.Rahman: Cassette, Walkman, CDs, MP3, Digital. He created his own audience and adapted us to his music with new dimensions. Technology is adapting because of him.

Believe in whatever you do, keep doing what you believe.

Last but at least, all these musicians have one thing in common, which is “TUNE/MUSIC” though WORDS are many, likewise, GODS are many but TRUTH is ONE. So, let us spread LOVE and PEACE as quoted by Alexander Babu .

Yours Musically,

A Humour loving fan, (Thanks to all Chorus singers too.)



Engineer| Straightforward | Fun loving, Foodie | Sudoku solver | Loves Music/ Ocean/ Books ;-)

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Engineer| Straightforward | Fun loving, Foodie | Sudoku solver | Loves Music/ Ocean/ Books ;-)