Re-Solutions — Way To COP with Air.

Resolutions are primary goals for those who are keen on bringing positive impact and changes in their lives that they keep promising and try to accomplish every other year. Be it health resolutions like going to the gym, following a strict diet regularly, which is very common among our peers and Gen Z. Everyone wants to start yoga, reduce social media time, read more books, watch movies, explore a new place, eat fresh food but no one thinks about inhaling ‘clean air’ as a “new year resolution”.

We often ignore the importance of clean air which is necessary to stay on top of those resolutions and the fact is that air quality is most polluted and not delightful especially during the winter months and of course New year celebrations fall under the winter season.

In 2020, we all spoke, read and heard that during the pandemic, Delhi’s and India’s overall air quality has been reduced and everyone including children were able to breathe clean air. Some citizens in Punjab and Mumbai were able to witness the mountains which were engulfed with smog for all these years. To bring and see the change we wanted and liked, collective action is important. To begin solving a problem, be it at a house, school or workplace, the conversation about the environment, awareness and educating is the first step.

Here are our few re-solutions that would be a positive catalyst for everyone on planet earth to adopt, adapt and thereby enable us to breathe clean air,

  1. Understand A of Air: It is a must for everyone to know the two most important terms associated with air quality, which are Particulate matter (PM2.5) and Air Quality Index (AQI).
  2. Quality improves at home: Engage and exchange conversations around air pollution at home to know about air pollution.
  3. Know the pollution levels in your neighborhood: Purchasing (alongside other online orders)or building your own air quality monitoring station would be encouraged. This would enable us to know the “pollution levels or quality of air” we breathe every second. Alongside our own monitoring device, pollution control boards are also installing real-time air monitoring stations across cities and towns to enable citizens to know the air quality then and there.
  4. Awareness: Open discussions in residential welfare associations, schools, colleges and workplaces on air quality is a must. Awareness on segregating our waste properly, reducing single-use plastics, safe disposal of PPE kits, gloves, masks without ending up as dump on land or burning waste makes air more cleaner.
  5. Write to legislators: A tweet, post or reel to our authorities would prompt an action to address with immediate effect. Be it fixing a pothole, relaying an unpaved road or broken footpath or clearing the dump or open-burning.

Air pollution is not just winter months’ or a particular boundary problem, it was always and be a trans-boundary and a yearlong issue.

After all, Breathe To clean air is our fundamental right.



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