“Sensor”-ing Citizenship

3 min readApr 8, 2019

This article enlightens on How Sensor Technology helps citizens to Solve Local Issue.

What does a Sensor do? Think of the Health Band that some of us use here :-P

A sensor is a device that measures a physical property and responds to that measurement or records that observation as a data point. With Sensor, we analyze data from existing sensors, by deploying our own sensors or relying on readers to deploy sensors. They interpret and visualize the resulting data sets to tell stories rooted in data.

Examples of Sensors in City: GPS sensors in App Sharing Bikes, a Surveillance camera in places, etc

How we are Solving particular issue with Sensor?

We have our - DIY AQM, that collects Data & levels of Particulate Matter 2.5 to keep informed on Air we Inhale and also solve the Air Pollution issue in our Local area like Garbage Burning, Construction Debris, Vehicular Emission, Traffic Congestion, etc.

How citizens benefiting with AQM?

We rolled out our new version of AQM across 10 places in different Wards to collect, collate and keep everyone informed on “Air Pollution and air quality “ in the place they live in. It has been more than 20 days since we began this Sensor Journalism for solving the issue of Air pollution.

User Feed-forward: A user from Gomti Nagar, Lucknow installed the AQM and using for the past 15 days. One day he looked into the LCD and saw the PM2.5 index as 88 and denoting “BAD”. He was curious to know why the spike in Air quality levels. The Spike in the PM2.5 Level was due to “Garbage Burning” near to the apartment where the user is living and Breathe forms a testimonial for the user to SOLVE the Civic issue. He was quite impressed with the nearly accurate measurements of PM2.5 index from Breathe based on the activities carried in this home/community. The below Data shows Spike in the PM2.5 Level was due to “Dump Burning” near to our office where we all live.

Some Good Air Across other Wards in my friend’s houses, schools like TVS Tumkur are other places our Breathe BREATHING.

Key point: Keeping informed with proper Data is key and Technology in combination with an exact message always brings the change and let us collect more Data (Water Samples, Potholes, Noise Levels, Traffic congestion, Garbage Burning points, Open Defecation, to name a few) and continue DENTING BIG.

Thank you for your time, till then keep Reporting the issues around “Air Pollution” here, Survey form

#ILoveMyLungs, Do you??




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