Vacuum in the “Air”

  1. The filtering efficiency of amount of air in 60 minutes is 0.000002% in the summer and 0.00002% in the winter
  2. The cost of one smog tower is ₹22 crore+ operations and maintenance.
  3. The number of machines that are attached the tower are huge, which constantly connected to power supply 24*7*365 could cause severe noise pollution.

The smog tower is termed as “pilot study for 2 years” to ascertain the effectiveness. Unsure whether 50+ crores would be that worth?

Source : Delhi Pollution Control Board

Is there an Eco-friendly solution to this?

Due to the advantages of good heat-resistance, environmental-friendliness, and low cost, bamboo has become a promising alternative and solution for adiabatic cooling. The design to purify air can be retrofitted with bamboo bars powered by solar and use of recycling water (or even rain water) to produce the cooling effect. The air can be filtered without any electrical machines as in case of smog towers. This protects both environment from pollution without much damage unlike traditional outdoor purifiers.

Source: Google Image, Yanko Design
  1. The grey or rain water could be used for cooling and the device can be powered using solar panels, which provides more energy efficient and also no other machines are being used, hence no noise pollution. Solar panels could also help in night operation when pollution levels are quite higher.
  2. The real solution is to purify the air and enable people to inhale clean air within the surroundings (< 1000 m) from the installed location. Bamboo based tower not only help in purifying the air within the required area but also provides cool air. The filtering efficiency is yet to be determined which can be tested as part of pilot installations across cities.

Air quality management is need of minute

The air pollution problem in India is year-round. The winter months (November, December, January, and February) are the worst but every other month in India is mostly affected due to space heating, garbage burning (waste dump) across all cities.



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